"Trump Arrest": Ugly Truth vs. Mainstream Fantasy; The Impact on DeSantis and Republicans
Crossing The Rubicon...a point of no return for America?

Today's Podcast: K I L L B O X -- SGT Report

Today on the Plain Truth Today's Podcast we are featuring an excellent interview with two very brilliant researchers and think it is worth the 35 minutes!

K I L L B O X - An interview given by Sean of the SGT Report

Have we been taken captive and are we a nation that is lost? Are you believing that we are now a Banana Republic and not the Republic our Founding Fathers had set America up to be? Todd Callender the CEO of CloutHub & Katherine Watt, an Independant Investigative Writer and Researcher discuss who the deep state is comprised of and lay out the evidence of how and why we are at war with the Deep State. They prove this hypothesis by using the 4th Hague Provision/Regulation, the Public Health Declaration from the WHO, and the PHEIC. You will see how we are at war within our own country against our government, the military, and the banksters and the very calculated military operation waged against We the People expressly regarding the vaccine.  They discuss the bottom line of the apparent war between good and evil and how the triangle mentioned above represents all things Satanic.