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The Donald Trump Interview ~ Highlighting His Awareness of Christian Persecution in America

This was a very important interview with our 45th President, President Trump. He highlighted his awareness and concern about how this country is turning on Christians in the form of discrimination and persecution. Our government makes it very difficult for persecuted Christians to come to America as well. We have highlighted this fact on The Plain Truth constantly and President Trump says that this has to be changed.  The Johnson Amendment and how pastors need to be willing to lose their 501(c)(3) status to stand up for this Country. 

The pastors interviewed spoke about how Trump has empowered pastors to speak boldly about what is dark...even relating to special interest groups...and to confidently address truths that many are not at this point and time. That a man is a man, and a woman is a woman, and that marriage is between man and woman. It is time to speak about the evils coming from our government. The waffly pastor, the political, the uncommitted and compromised pastors are being separated from the clear thinking pastor and addressing the devil head on.  They speak of how Trump is Gods way of throwing the spiritual gauntlet down with him saying he is not going to worry if this or that offends your religious spirit because you have got to choose between what is right and wrong, between light and darkness.

They highlight how Trump talks about the man on the street on a soapbox has more authority than the clergy in the US because he can say whatever he wants because of the Johnson Amendment. That he in fact believes that Christians at the pulpit should be reformers in the nation and not just commentators of the Bible. 


Trump during the interview states, "We have had tremendous support from the faith community.  We don't worship the government, we worship God!  (President Trump was the only president to go to the March for Life rally in DC. Ronald Reagan didn't even go to it). I was born into a family where my father and mother were religious, they were believers and strong believers. I have been very pro Christianity and I believe it is being hit harder than any other religion. in Congress...Now they are very much discriminating against Christians in favor of other religions and I think we have to change that around. We are a nation in trouble and we aren't even sure we can make it for another year and a half". 

The prayer for President Trump at the end of the program is very important...take a listen before they take it off of youtube! This is Victory News from The Victory Channel