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Hello, this is Bob Barney with another edition of the Plain Truth Today Podcast. Today is the birthday of The United States of America but how many people out there really know the history of America? I would think most people would be surprised to know that the United States of America is the most mentioned name in the entire bible! Yes, believe it or not, there are more references to the United States of America as well as Great Britain, than any other nation...well, with maybe the exception of the nation called Judah. The modern-day Jews of today refer to their nation as Israel but they really have no right to that name. You see, even though the truth is that all Jews are from the tribe of Israel, not all Israelites are in fact Jews. That is a surprise to many people! That the name Israel belongs to the United States of America and to Great Britain and I can prove it; and that is today's history lesson for the Fourth of July.

Jacob's name was changed but let me first give you the background of Jacob...he was a man who the Bible calls, "a friend of God ''.  Abraham, a grandson of


Noah was called TO God and was called the most righteous and perfect person of all his generations. God actually in many instances of the Bible refers to Abraham as His friend, in fact, the term, the "friend of God" is found in James 2:23 and I quote, "the scripture was fulfilled that says Abraham believed God and it was common to him as righteousness and he was called a friend of God".


Jacob's name was changed but let me first give you the background of Jacob...he was a man who the Bible calls, "a friend of God ''.  Abraham, a grandson of Noah, was called TO God and was called the most righteous and perfect person of all his generations. God actually in many instances of the Bible refers to Abraham as His friend, in fact, the term, the "friend of God" is found in James 2:23 and I quote, "the scripture was fulfilled that says Abraham believed God and it was common to him as righteousness and he was called a friend of God".


Then you go on in the Old Testament and read this quote from God almighty, it is the God btw that became Jesus Christ in the New Testament, but we will get in to that in another show, but this is what the Lord God says about Abraham, “But as for you, Israel my servant, Jacob my chosen one,  descended from Abraham my friend".


How would you like to be a friend of God and how would you like it that God thinks you are his best friend? 


Well, that is what God thought of Abraham! Abraham had two sons later in his life but one that was most important, and his name was Isaac. Isaac's son was Jacob and Jacob was a twin whose name was Esau. Esau lineage by the way are today's modern Turkish people. Esau was the first born because he came out of the womb first, but Jacob stole his brother's birthright. The Bible goes into this in Genesis and the history of Jacob and his twelve sons.


One evening Jacob, if you want to believe this or not, says in scripture that he struggled with God and fought with him all night long; it says he fought with a man, because God can appear in any form as God or as a man, and he struggled with the angel of God. The angel of God is also known as the messenger of God which is none other than Jesus. They struggled all night long and then in the morning God asks him what is your name? Jacob replied saying his name Jacob and God says to him, "you will no longer be called Jacob but Israel because you struggled with God and have prevailed". 


This is important to know that Jacobs name was changed from Jacob to Israel as that is how we get the name Israel! It is the name of the nation founded by him, the grandson of Abraham!


Later on, Jacob had 12 sons as I mentioned earlier but his favorite son was Joseph. Joseph was not his first-born son and was sold by his brothers into slavery into Egypt and to make a long story short, after many years Jacob became the most powerful man in Egypt. His father, now called Israel, thought he had been dead for some thirty years but found out he was alive, so the entire family of Jacob moves to Egypt, and this is how they land in Egypt and become slaves another couple of hundred years later. When he finds out that Joseph had two sons Manasseh the eldest and Ephraim, he blessed them, and the most important lesson happened. Jacob is sick and bed ridden and about ready to die and Joseph heard about this and brought his two sons probably by then, they were in their late teens, to Jacob's bedside and Jacob blessed them.


Here is an important Biblical fact. The sons of Rueben were truly Israels first born but we read in the New Testament, that because Reuban had committed adultery with one of Jacobs wives, he was removed from the line of being first born and it was given over Joseph. Joseph therefore becomes the first-born son. Joseph is considered one of the twelve sons but after Jacob meets Josephs two sons Ephriam and Manasseh he blesses them as he crosses his hand and he puts his right hand on the younger son and his left hand on the elder son, which the right hand was the greater of the two blessings and he said, "I bless these two lads...may not my name be upon these two sons as first born Joseph would receive a double portion of the inheritance of Jacob, then Jacob enacted the double portion he was officially adopting these two sons of Joseph's as his own. Now they would receive the same rights that of Jacobs other children but also the rights of the first born.


So, the 12 tribes of Israel no longer contain the tribe of Joseph but two new tribes, Manasseh and Ephraim. It is important to know that Ephraim, the youngest, was going to be blessed the greatest over the two sons and also that he is the thirteenth tribe of Israel.


Think about that, does the number 13 mean anything to you when it refers to the United States of America? Even in regard to July 4th or any other holidays?


Our older brother who is Great Britain, would also be a great colonizing nation as Jacob blessed them, but the younger son would be the greatest single nation to ever grace the face of the earth until Christ returns. That is why I said that in the Bible, the most often mentioned nation is the nation of Israel. This is not referencing the Jews, they are of the Nation of Judah and any bible scholar will readily tell you that the Jewish nation is Judah and that wherever Joseph went, was named Israel. That is why when you look in any Bible you will see the following: That the kingdom of Solomon broke up into two kingdoms the southern kingdom is where the Jews lived was called Judah and the northern kingdom where Joseph was, as well as all the other tribes, was called Israel.


Around 711BC, the Assyrians who are the modern-day German people, captured Israel (the northern ten tribes) and brought them in to captivity taking them back to Assyria which then they were forced out of Assyria by the Babylonians. More specifically they went to the Caucasus Mountains near Russia, (that is where we get the term Caucasian by the way) and they went into the land of Germany. There is a long story which proves the travels of the Tribe of Dan having staked claim to Denmark which means, 'the mark of Dan'. Dan named everything after their father wherever they moved to. Like the Danube River, that is the river of Dan, you can do a very simple google search, of the 13 tribes' theory and prove who Israel really is today!


This brings me back to the main point here on Independence Day...that the most important nation mentioned in Biblical prophecy ISRAEL which in fact the United States of America and Great Britain. The news my friends unfortunately is not very good for us because God claims that after we become the greatest nation that will ever exist, we will destroy ourselves! The Bible specifically says we will destroy ourselves from within by corruption, by aliens, and by foreigners and you can read that in Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28. There will be blessings and cursing's of Israel...blessings if you obey God and cursing if you do not.


Anybody can watch the news today and see we are not obeying any of Gods laws! We are proud of our lawlessness, absolutely proud, and sticking our thumb up our nose to God. This nation has become totally a Godless and lawless nation. We can only hope that enough of us out there believe in God and understand that through prayer, maybe we can bring this nation back in our lifetime before it comes to a violent end which is prophesied to happen at some point.


Let's get into the number 13. 


There were 13 original colonies, and you look at the seal of the United States of America by the way and it isn't some messianic or satanic seal. It actually is a seal representing the Tribe of Ephraim. The number 13 is represented on our seal, and we are the eagle of the tribes that I have mentioned before comprising Israel. There were 13 tail feathers on the eagle, 13 arrows, 13 olive branches, and 13 stars overhead...


13...13...13. Once again there is a reason for that because America is the 13th Tribe of Israel! God has shown us through a mystery, something that takes a little understanding and research and that is the truth about our TRUE INDENTITY. The Greeks have their Identity and even the Jews do that trace back quite far, yet we only trace our identity as Americans back to Christopher Columbus or the Pilgrams...but our identity goes all the way back to Abraham, the friend of God!


God says to Israel in the Old Testament that He doesn't change. His laws don't change. His ways don't change. And that is a blessing. He says it Himself that He does not change. THEREFORE Israel, you are not destroyed.  We clearly do not deserve the blessing that this nation has been given and is. This Blessing that we have been under for the last 250 years is a fulfillment of a promise to Gods friend, Abraham. There are no two ways about it as He promised Abraham that the Messiah would come from him and the greatest nation that would ever rule the earth would come from him. Just let that sink in...God made it happen because Abraham was his friend.


There was a time when this was understood that we were the nation of God, and God continued to bless us but in Leviticus 26 Deuteronomy 28, God gave Moses a warning. He told him what would happen if our people refused to obey the law of God and if you read the warnings from aliens overrunning and overtaking us as well as leading our Country, and foreigners taking away our crops and eating our food...notice all and pestilence and even all the disease. We are plagued with inflammation, heart disease, cancer...all of this is caused by inflammation of the body, and it was prophesied 3500 years ago by Moses from the Lord God. The USA had a special blessing because of a promise to a friend and it wasn't because of our constitution, it wasn't because of democracy, it wasn't because we got a republic form of government although that is all a part of the blessing that gave our forefathers the foresight to make the most perfect human kingdom on the face of this earth...but they had nothing to do with the blessing. The blessing was coming because it was promised by God. Now on this fourth of July, are you going to remember our God and remember the blessing that was given to us because of our father Abraham? Or will we continuously want to turn our face from Him and reject God and go the other direction way from God? I hope we choose the first.  That way we return to God and God's laws, and we return to understand the BLESSING of the United States of America and what we stand for.


...Until next time this is bob Barney. Thank you.