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The 12 Tribes Of Israel - What Happened to Them? E Raymond Capt

At first glance, one might think E. Raymond Capt must be an ordained minister. He quotes chapters and verses from the Scriptures and talks about Bible characters in a flowing narrative which would credit any pulpit. What he’s been, for over forty years, though, is a practicing archaeologist - not always digging to unearth ancient remains, but in recent years, sifting through known archaeological findings to shed new light on the history of the Bible.

Capt holds a Master of Arts degree in Christian History and Biblical Archaeology from Covenant College, Lake Wales, Florida, and California State teaching credentials in Biblical Archaeology and History. He is also a member of the Archaeological Institute of America. In addition to writing, Capt has produced and presents slide and film lectures on Biblical Archaeology. These have been enjoyed by clubs, churches, and schools in many states and in Great Britain.

In 1972, Capt was elected a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, and in 1976 received an honorary Doctorate of Literature (Doctor Literarum Honoris Causa) from the Accademia Testina Per Le Scienze, (established A.D. 450) Pescara, Italy.