The United States of Europe Superpower in Daniel 11 is Coming
CHASING TRUMP: Political Prosecutions. Justice Gone Wrong.

Non - Compliant

The More Liberty You Have the Less Government You Need

Today on The Plain Truth's 7:11 Broadcast we are featuring Non-Compliant, the full documentary made by Krisanne Hall on how lawlessness has brought America to an unrecognizable place. We know at The Plain Truth that it is because of a promise made by God to Abraham that America has been as blessed as it is. This documentary discusses the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and what happens when we do not adhere to our God given rights of freedom and remain silent about them being taken away from us.

We have the very tyranny we are living in. 


"Businesses shuttered. Pastors arrested! Residents confined to their homes! Is this communist China? No. This is Pandemic America. Don’t think for a second that this is the last we’ve seen of lockdowns. Get equipped and empowered to fight back and not give in to tyranny again!"