Friday Wrap-up with Bob: May 24
Memorial Day

God's Calendar - Part 1

No, I haven't lost my calendar!  Yes, I do know what day the new year falls on when it comes to the Roman calendar that we all follow. Many, if not most do not know the actual beginning of the new year in God's calendar.

The year starts in the spring and is comprised of twelve (12), 30-day months. Almost no one understands this fact. The Jewish calendar for example follows a lunar/solar year of only 354 days per year. Every three years they add a 13th month. Sounds nice, but it is not Biblical. They also start their day in the evening. They got this idea for evening days while in Babylon during their captivity, just like we do with our day starting at midnight. We get this day from the pagan Romans. God's day starts in the morning at dawn. The easy proof to that is in the first chapter of Genesis. "The first day came, then evening, then morning"... which is called the end of the first day, the second was starting. Read The Rest

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 God's Calendar Part 1

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