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Inflation is a Tax - on Poor People

In today's broadcast, Bob Barney discusses how Ronald Reagan called inflation the most regressive tax for the poorest amongst us. He also said, " Inflation is as violent as a mugger, as frightening as an armed robber and as deadly as a hit man." This broadcast also explores who likes inflation and who it hurts the most.

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Inflation the cruelest tax on the poor

The Coming Economic Crash - How We Could Avoid it

"Unfortunately, we have a crash is coming that will make 1929 look like a cake walk.  But we can stop it!  Here's how" - Bob Barney

In today's broadcast, Bob Barney discusses the two main action steps that can easily pull us out of this catastrophic economical train wreck.


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The Coming Economic CRASH!Click Here to Listen



Today on PlainTruthToday Podcast: The Ulterior Agenda Behind Hiking Interest Rates--by John Lee - Live From The Vault

In this week’s Live from the Vault, the President of Silver Elephant Mining Corp, John Lee, sits down with Andrew Maguire to uncover the hidden agenda behind world economic policies and the threats of forced conversion to digital currency. The mining expert expounds on the geographical shift of power away from the West into Asian countries unleveraged by the US dollar, sharing his perspective on physical gold and silver as the ultimate and unbiased form of insurance.


Timestamps 00:00 Start 01:25

Introducing John Lee, Executive Chairman of the Silver Elephant Mining Corp. 04:45

Who does the Fed serve? Studying the recent history of money 08:05

The geographical perspective on money: the West vs the East 11:45

James provides strong arguments for accumulating gold and silver

15:30 Silver: How much can it be worth by the end of the year?

24:40 There will be a strong pushback again the WEF agenda

28:20 Was the US dollar weaponisation a huge mistake?

31:55 Don’t measure silver in dollars. It is a store of wealth!

36:40 In the event of a global catastrophe… gold and silver might save you

42:05 How to escape the Orwellian agenda?

46:45 What to expect in gold and silver over the next 12-18 months?

Silver Elephant Corporation:

Cash for Commies: UK Sent Over £50 Million in Foreign Aid to China in 2021

Talk about being NUTS!  While wealthy China (who got rich off the west) is buying our debt as a profit center for their economy, leaders like Boris Johnson sent $80 billion dollars (50 English #'s) as foreign aide to China.   How much of that went back to Boris?  You know it did.  It's time the peoples of the world try their leaders for treason. In The USA for example: Under federal statute, a person guilty of treason against the United States “shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.” 18 U.S.C. § 2381.

God to Us in Ezekiel:

So you are the opposite of other prostitutes. You pay your lovers instead of their paying you!

Ezekiel 16:34

image from

The supposedly cash-strapped British government sent over £50 million in foreign aid to Communist China last year despite previously committing to cut off all aid to the world’s second-largest economy, which boasts a massive space programme and nuclear arsenal.

According to figures released this week by the Foreign Office, £51.7 million in British taxpayers’ money was sent to China last year. While what exactly the money was spent on is yet to be released, the Daily Mail reports

Musk's Twitter cannot be 'hellscape,' new owner says

Says goal is to make it a 'digital town square'

CDCROP: The 2022 Met Gala  (John Shearer/Getty Images)

WND StaffBy WND Staff

 With reports that Twitter shares are being suspended on the New York Stock Exchange as the purchase by billionaire Elon Musk approaches finalization, the deal appears – finally – to be going through.

It's been months of arguments back and forth over the company, Musk's offer, the company's reporting on the number of "bots" online and more that has left the status uncertain.

But now, Musk is confirming he'll meet a Friday deadline, set by a court, to close the $44 billion deal, and he's even visited company headquarters in San Francisco.

Reuters reported that equity investors, including Sequoia Capital, Binance, Qatar Investment Authority and others, had received the requisite paperwork for the financing commitment from Musk's lawyers.

While Musk has stated his commitment to restoring free speech to the platform – after it for years censored conservatives and Republicans – he said it cannot be a "free-for-all hellscape, where anything could be said without consequence."

Of course the United States already has a fairly clear set of precedents for libel, defamation and the like.

The Daily Mail said Musk also warned advertisers that there must be valuable content.

"Our platform must be warm and welcoming to all," he said, on social media, "where you can choose your desired experience according to your preferences, just as you can choose, for example, to see movies or play video games ranging from all ages to mature."

He said he's confident "advertising... can delight, entertain and inform you," and it can "show you a service or product or medical treatment that you never knew existed, but is right for you."

He said the requirement for that is that advertising be "as relevant as possible" to the needs of platform users.


IRS data proves Trump tax cuts benefited middle, working-class Americans most

More proof (see My Story below ~ Why I Support Trump) that Trump helped bring the poor and the working middle-class up, while mainstream Republican and Democrat policies really only helped very wealthy people.

President Biden and congressional Democrats’ Build Back Better (BBB) Act is now in the hands of the Senate. That legislative body’s 50-50 partisan split will undoubtedly make the bill’s passage difficult.

In order for BBB to become law, Democratic Senate leadership will need to convince moderates such as Sens. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) and Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) that the legislation’s $2.4 trillion price tag can be offset by expanding the IRS and its enforcement efforts while imposing substantial tax reform measures.

Congressional Democrats have argued that one of the best ways to pay for the legislation is to raise taxes on wealthy households, which, according to many on the left, have benefited disproportionately and unfairly from the 2017 tax reform lawpassed by Republicans and signed by former President Trump. The latest data, however, proves that this claim is pure mythology.

Income data published by the IRS clearly show that on average all income brackets benefited substantially from the Republicans’ tax reform law, with the biggest beneficiaries being working and middle-income filers, not the top 1 percent, as so many Democrats have argued.

A careful analysis of the IRS tax data, one that includes the effects of tax credits and other reforms to the tax code, shows that filers with an adjusted gross income (AGI) of $15,000 to $50,000 enjoyed an average tax cut of 16 percent to 26 percent in 2018, the first year Republicans’ Tax Cuts and Jobs Act went into effect and the most recent year for which data is available.

Filers who earned $50,000 to $100,000 received a tax break of about 15 percent to 17 percent, and those earning $100,000 to $500,000 in adjusted gross income saw their personal income taxes cut by around 11 percent to 13 percent.

By comparison, no income group with an AGI of at least $500,000 received an average tax cut exceeding 9 percent, and the average tax cut for brackets starting at $1 million was less than 6 percent. (For more detailed data, see my table published here.)

That means most middle-income and working-class earners enjoyed a tax cut that was at least double the size of tax cuts received by households earning $1 million or more.


Biden's Next Crisis: Home Heating Oil Rationing Begins in Northeast, and It's Not Even Winter Yet

“It’s already started in Maine,” LePage said of heating oil rationing. “If you order 100 gallons, they’ll deliver you 50 gallons...


It looks like President Joe Biden might get his winter of death after all, and it’s not because of the unvaccinated.

If you live in the Northeast, you know that even in normal times, heating oil bills constitute a significant expense because winters are usually brutal. Unfortunately, this year could be the worst year ever for residents of the region hoping to adequately heat their homes. Not only are heating oil prices through the roof on anti-fossil fuel President Joe Biden’s watch, but even for those who have the funds to stock up, it doesn’t really matter: heating oil rationing is already taking place.

Rationing. Like toilet paper and baby formula rationing. Why is all this rationing happening on Biden’s watch? For the record, we never once worried about rationing under former President Donald Trump.

But the worst part about this unfolding crisis is that it’s not even winter. 

According to a bombshell Bloomberg report:

The US Northeast is so short on heating oil that the fuel used to power home furnaces is being rationed even before the start of winter.

Some wholesalers in Connecticut are putting retailers on allocation, meaning they can only get a limited amount of fuel based on availability, according to Chris Herb, president of the Connecticut Energy Marketers Association, which represents around 600 family-owned retailers in the state. These retailers must in turn ration their customers.

Bloomberg’s data matches what former Maine Gov. Paul LePage, a Republican gubernatorial candidate, told radio talk show host Howie Carr this week, in that the heating oil shortage situation in the Northeast is beyond frightening and a genuine cause for concern. LePage essentially begged current Democratic Maine Gov. Janet Mills to do something, anything, to bring attention to the situation before it’s too late and people start dying, while also blaming Biden for not properly addressing the issue.

“Today, just about an hour ago, we got information from a local oil dealer… oil right now, tonight at five o’clock, is $5.69. Kerosene is $6.69 a gallon. This is what we’re facing right now,” LePage said during the interview Friday.


Change in IRS Tax Schedule

Most Americans will pay less tax in 2023 - but cut still sits below rise in cost of living

The updated tax brackets, released on Tuesday, means that many Americans could fall into lower brackets and save hundreds when filling their taxes. The top 37 percent rate will now fall on individuals earning $578,125 and married couples who earn $693,750. For couples filing in the top bracket, it equates to about $46,000 of income being taxed at a lower rate from last year, saving the filers $900 on their bill. The 35 percent tax now applies to individuals who earn more than $231,250 and couples who earn 462,500. The 32 percent rate for those who earn $182,100 and 364,200 couples. The middle and working classes will also enjoy paying less taxes as the 24 percent rate will now apply to individual incomes of $95,375 and $190,750 for couples, which is about $6,000 per person being taxed at a lower rate from last year.   


THE BIDEN LEGACY: South Africa Confirms Saudi Arabia Will Join BRICS Alliance with China and Russia and Move Away from US with Explosive Consequences

This is the move Steve Bannon and the War Room have been warning you about for the past year. It will end US dollar supremacy — and it was facilitated by Joe Biden, Democrats, and the Uniparty members.

Saudi Arabia, the largest U.S. export market in the Middle East, invited Chinese President Xi to visit Riyadh in March as relations with the U.S. have faltered since Joe Biden was elected, The Wall Street Journal reported.

According to a report from CNN, U.S. intelligence agencies have assessed that Saudi Arabia is now actively manufacturing its own ballistic missiles with the help of China, a relationship that could lead to domino effects across Middle East countries.

Under Biden, the US leader who suffers from severe dementia is openly mocked on the international stage.  U.S. allies are now aligning with China.

Saudi Arabia announced in March it was considering accepting the Chinese yuan instead of the US dollar in future transactions.

This is the move Steve Bannon and the War Room have been warning you about for the past year.

It will end US dollar supremacy — and it was facilitated by Joe Biden, Democrats, and the Uniparty members.

Joe Biden and his handlers are destroying the United States.

In July Saudi Arabia was invited to join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and BRICS.

And this weekend, the South African leader confirmed the likelihood that Saudi Arabia would be joining the BRICS Alliance.

Via Conservative Treehouse.

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa held a two-day summit with Saudi Arabia on mostly economic matters.

At the conclusion of the summit, he confirmed the intent of Saudi Arabia to join the BRICS economic coalition, which should not come as a surprise given the previous statements by Saudi leader and Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salman (MbS).

(MSM) Ramaphosa confirms Saudi Arabia wants to join Brics family.  This was revealed by President Cyril Ramaphosa during his two-day state visit to the kingdom on Sunday.

“The Crown Prince (prime minister Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz al Saud) did express Saudi Arabia’s desire to be part of Brics and they are not the only country,” said Ramaphosa. He confirmed this on Sunday during an engagement with the media.

Brics held its first summit in 2009, with SA joining the following year. The bloc has generally been seen as an alternative to the dominance of the western economies.

“We did say that Brics having a summit next year under the chairship of South Africa in SA and the matter is going to be under consideration.

“A number of countries are making approaches to Brics members, and we have given them the same answer that it will be discussed by the Brics partners and thereafter a decision will be made.” (read more)

Since the outset of the Western Alliance sanctions against Russia, we have been predicting an increased geopolitical influence from the BRICS team. A global financial and economic cleaving is underway created by the western nations chasing ideological climate change energy policy, while the rest of the world remains pragmatic toward oil, coal and natural gas as energy resources.

We have been closely monitoring the signs of a global cleaving around the energy sector taking place. Essentially, western governments’ following the “Build Back Better” climate change agenda which stops using coal, oil and gas to power their economic engine, while the rest of the growing economic world continues using the more efficient and traditional forms of energy to power their economies.

Joe Biden’s handlers are purposely destroying the United States. People better wake up.


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US Congressman Introduces Gold Standard Bill as Inflation Spirals Out of Control

America’s currency would regain stable footing for the first time in half a century if a bill just introduced by U.S. Representative Alex Mooney (R-WV) becomes law.

Referred to as the “Gold Standard Restoration Act” by sound money activists, H.R. 9157 calls for the repegging of the Federal Reserve note to gold in order to address the ongoing problems of inflation, runaway federal debt, and monetary system instability.

Trillions of dollars vanish in retirement accounts, courtesy Biden's economy

'The average family in America has lost nearly $6,000 in purchasing power'


The US Dollar treads the world stage like a colossus, laying waste to all other currencies in its path.

The US Dollar treads the world stage like a colossus, laying waste to all other currencies in its path. From the British Pound Sterling to the Argentine Peso, almost all other fiat currencies have fallen in value against the Dollar. Only Russia’s Rouble (ironically), Brazil’s Real and Mexico’s Peso (just about) have risen against the US Dollar since the start of this year. The Rouble’s strength is partly because of capital controls preventing money leaving the country, partly due to a collapse in imports since sanctions were imposed by the West on Russia, and partly because of fears that further sanctions could be imposed, perhaps paralysing Dollar trading in Russia. The strong rise in international gas and crude oil prices has also boosted interest in owning Rouble's.

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Beef prices set to surge further as farmers sell off cattle herds

More breeding stock is being sent to sale barn amid soaring input costs, drought


Understanding Matthew 24 and the Four Horsemen Prophecy

S&P 500 notches new closing low for 2022, Dow falls into bear market as dollar surges

Interest rates surge, turmoil rocks global currencies

(Image by Oleg Gamulinskiy from Pixabay)

(Image by Oleg Gamulinskiy from Pixabay)

BREAKING: Amtrak cancels ALL long-distance trains (except those along the Northern Corridor) ahead of looming rail strike — affecting tens of thousands of customers each day

Amtrak, the nation's cross-country railway system, is canceling all of its long-distance trains ahead of a planned freight workers' strike that threatens to significantly damage the US economy.

Amtrak has already announced that it would be canceling trips on several of its routes in preparation for the strike

The company is not involved in the ongoing labor dispute, but freight companies own almost all of its 21,000 route miles outside the Northeast Corridor, where it owns its own tracks.

Its announcement on Wednesday effectively cancels all planned trips, including those from Washington DC to Sanford, Florida, and the Silver Star from New York City to Miami. The only area that will not be affected by the train cancelations are those in the Northeast Corridor, between Boston and Washington DC.

Amtrak officials had previously announced it would be canceling trips on several of its routes in preparation for the unprecedented strike.

As of Tuesday, the passenger rail agency suspended service on three cross-country routes out of Chicago, going to San Francisco, the Pacific Northwest, and Los Angeles, Amtrak said in a statement Monday evening.

Service would also be disrupted for a route along a portion of one of those routes, the company said at the time - between Los Angeles and San Antonio.

Calling the changes 'initial adjustments' made 'in preparation for a possible freight rail service interruption' later in the week, the move from the passenger rail comes as many of America's railroads have already stopped accepting shipments of hazardous and other security-sensitive materials due to the looming threat of a strike. 

'These adjustments are necessary to ensure trains can reach their terminals prior to freight railroad service interruption if a resolution in negotiations is not reached,' Amtrak officials said in their statement.



ANTONI: Make No Mistake About It, Biden’s Student Loan Plan Is A Handout For The Elite

image from

E.J. Antoni

President Joe Biden’s student loan “cancellation” scheme is impolitic, unfair, expensive and irresponsible. The price tag will be about a half trillion dollars. Most of that money will go to upper income households.

Who will pay for it? It will cost the average taxpayer over $2,000, and most of those are people who never went to college, never borrowed money to go to school, or responsibly repaid their loans.

There are other problems as well. The move will fuel inflation and almost certainly encourage universities to hike their prices even higher. (RELATED: CARTER And PIDLUZNY: Student Loan ‘Forgiveness’ — Another Slight To Blue-Collar Workers)

And then there’s the legal question. It is unclear how the executive branch of government can even do this constitutionally. What authority does a president have to unilaterally tear up legally binding financial agreements and then shackle unwilling taxpayers with the fallout?

Read the article here>>>>>>

The Welfare State Must Be Torn Down: A Biblical View of Wealth Redistribution

“The question isn’t if the poor should be helped, but how should the poor be helped. For that answer, the Bible, and not trite progressive dogmas, should be our guide. And with the Bible as our guide, it’s obvious that a sprawling welfare state — the heartbeat of this ‘liberal social vision’ — should be tossed overboard and left to drown.”


By Jason Mattera 

Forced redistribution of wealth is unjust and unbiblical. Or better yet, it’s unjust because it is unbiblical.

And unbiblical it is.

The Bible offers clear directives to Christians as to how to help those under financial distress, and none of those directives involve “social justice” shakedowns from government reps who use poverty as a pretext to expand power and line federal agencies with taxpayer cash.

Rather than view civil government as God’s instrument to keep the peace and maintain order — the outline given in Romans 13:1-6 and 1 Peter 2:13-14 — liberal Christians have expanded its role to be a paternalistic provider as well.

To these folks, there is no limiting principle that governs the reach of civil government if the words poor, widow, and orphan are repeated enough times in a sentence.

Anything goes!

Case in point: after the glorious ruling striking down Roe vs. Wade earlier this summer, Christianity Today published an essay that scolded the “individualistic politics of modern American conservatism” that “resists [a] liberal social vision.”

The article was titled, “Who Pays the Price for Crisis Pregnancies?” It was part of the publication’s post-Roe coverage which, as we documented here, calls for rapidly expanding the welfare state.

This “liberal social vision,” according to them, entails “transferring the costs of crisis pregnancies to society rather than solely to individual women.” It is a “vision,” they lament, that has been obstructed by “the political alliances pro-lifers made with the Republican Party.”

Those of us unwilling to go along with this “vision” are accused of not accepting “social responsibility for the less fortunate” and “not accord[ing] well with the Bible’s hundreds of exhortations to seek justice for the poor.”

If I may quote Joe Biden — “Malarkey!”

The question isn’t if the poor should be helped, but how should the poor be helped.

For that answer, the Bible, and not trite progressive dogmas, should be our guide. 


Increasing inflation to fight inflation?

By Jerry Newcombe

image from

My wife just came back from a routine grocery store run. She said, “"These people are destroying the country." She wasn't talking about the store – she was talking about our elite political class that are spending our country into high inflation. And now they are poised to spend even more.

They have just passed a bill touted as something to "reduce inflation," but critics argue it could only increase it.

These days, you can tell whenever the left wants to deceive its way into passing a bill: They provide an Orwellian name for the exact opposite effect.

This inflation-promoting bill is labeled the Inflation Reduction Act. Obamacare, which has proved quite unaffordable for many, was passed as  the Affordable Care Act. The left tried to pass the For the People Act, which would have unconstitutionally taken election control from the states (where the Constitution puts it) and benefitted the politicians already in office.

This new $750 billion bill delivers a wish-come=true for those who believe that man’s activities can control the weather – in other words, our activities exacerbate climate change.

TRENDING: The Democrats' fantasies

A Breitbart News article highlighted a list by Rep. Jim Banks, R-Ind., of the "50 most radical policies in the Inflation Reduction Act." It is a wish list for every left-wing scheme imaginable. But it will not do what it is touted to do – reduce inflation.

The article adds: "Banks emphasized that the legislation would not reinvigorate the economy, as the Penn Wharton Budget Model found that the bill would not curb inflation. 'That’s reason enough to vote against the package,' Banks remarked."

Where does all the money for the new spending comes from? From we the people. Government has no money of its own. It confiscates it from we the people.

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Outgoing Whole Foods CEO says young people ‘don’t seem like they want to work’ and thinks ‘socialists are taking over’

John Mackey is bowing out in the battle between CEOs and a new generation entering the workforce, but as he told "Reason," he’s not leaving silently.

John Mackey
Outgoing Whole Foods CEO John Mackey has some thoughts about today's youth. Getty Images

If you ask Whole Foods’ outgoing CEO about socialism and young workers, he says there’s a revolution happening, and it’s not with pitchforks but with words. 

Whole Foods cofounder John Mackey has a history of complex views that he’s shared over time. What Mackey likes: a vegan diet and free-market and libertarian ideals. What he doesn’t like as much: processed and frozen foodsunions, and being silenced. 

An Ayn Rand lover who once cut his own salary to $1, Mackey’s dichotomy earned him the title of a “right-wing hippie” in a 2010 New Yorker profile. As a longtime fan of capitalism, he continued his crusade against socialism in the latest podcast from Reason, the long-running libertarian magazine.

“Socialists are taking over,” he said on the podcast. “They’re marching through the institutions. They’re taking everything over. They’re taking over education. It looks like they’ve taken over a lot of corporations. It looks like they’ve taken over the military, and it’s just continuing.” 

Mackey stated last year that he’ll retire this coming September, and he told Reason that he’s “muzzled myself ever since 2009,” seeming to refer to a Wall Street Journal op-ed from that year in which he compared the Affordable Care Act to fascism. 

And it’s not just the socialists irking Mackey; it’s also the kids these days. “They don’t seem like they want to work,” Mackey told Reason about younger generations in the workplace. 

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Breaking News- We are Officially in a Recession! Bidenomics are crushing American workers

Recession: US economy shrinks for the second straight quarter

The US economy has contracted for the second quarter in a row, meeting the classic definition of a recession. Gross domestic product shrank 0.9 percent in the second quarter, following a decline of 1.6 percent decline in the first quarter, the Commerce Department said on Thursday. Two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth constitutes the informal and widely recognized definition of a recession. But the White House has been furiously combatting the notion that six months of economic contraction equates to a recession, issuing statements and briefings to push their message that the economy remains strong. 'We're not going to be in a recession,' President Joe Biden told reporters on Monday. Technically, a recession has to be officially declared by the National Bureau of Economic Research. The group's Business Cycle Dating Committee defines a recession as 'a significant decline in economic activity that is spread across the economy and lasts more than a few months.' The committee assesses a range of factors before publicly declaring the death of an economic expansion and the birth of a recession - and it often does so well after the fact.


Wall Street Is Buying Everyone’s Homes and Driving Up Prices

Buying a home — often viewed as a cornerstone of the American dream — is getting harder to afford in the U.S. The reasons why are complex, a perfect storm of rising interest rates and high housing prices have priced many people out of the market.  But there are other factors at play, including record-low inventory2 and competition from investors, who purchase homes in cash about 75% of the time.

An influx of investors — including Wall Street — entered the housing market during the pandemic, drawn in by low mortgage rates, easy access to loans and enticing home appreciation.

It’s now clear that not only did investors, including bigwigs like Blackstone and iBuyers — which make instant, cash offers online — dabble in the housing market during the pandemic, but their participation may have been instrumental in driving up prices and making it harder for the average American to achieve homeownership.

Big Investors Doubled Their Share of Home Purchases

Investors range in size from small to large — spanning the space of mom-and-pop shops renting out a couple of vacation rentals to Wall Street giants with hundreds or thousands of units. Most investor home purchases (74%) in September 2021 were made by those with portfolios of less than 100 properties, but the gap is closing. Mega investors significantly expanded their scope in recent months, such that they’ve had a major impact on the market.

According to Daniel McCue, a senior research associate at the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies, “Adding to the pressure on prices, investors moved aggressively into the single-family market over the past year, buying up moderately priced homes either to convert to rental or upgrade for resale.”7 In “The State of the Nation’s Housing 2022,” a report by the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University, it’s further noted:

“CoreLogic reports that the investor share of single-family homes sold in the first quarter of 2022 hit 28 percent, well above the 19 percent share a year earlier and the 16 percent share averaged in 2017–2019. Not surprisingly, investors focused on markets with rapid home price appreciation ...”

However, investors with large portfolios are increasingly making their mark. They nearly doubled their share of purchases from September 2020 to September 2021, reducing the supply of available housing — particularly in lower-priced markets — and driving up prices further. According to the report:

“Investors have moved rapidly into the single-family market since the pandemic began ... Investors with large portfolios (at least 100 properties) drove much of this growth, nearly doubling their share of investor purchases from 14 percent in September 2020 to 26 percent in September 2021.

By buying up single-family homes, investors have reduced the already limited supply available to potential owner-occupants, particularly first-time and moderate-income buyers. Indeed, investors are more likely to target lower-priced properties.

In September 2021, investors bought 29 percent of the homes sold that were in the bottom third by metro area sales price, compared with 23 percent of homes sold in the top third. Investor-owned homes are typically converted from owner-occupied units to rentals or upgraded for resale at a higher price point.”

Blackstone Back in the Home-Buying Business.  Read More>>>>>>




Yes, HIGH PRICES HAVE THEIR OWN SOLUTION, and it is called ‘demand destruction’.

When prices soar, what do people do? They tend to buy less. And buying less contains its own type of toxic response.

A senior executive at Vitol Group, a major energy and commodities trader told people in a conference last weekend that there is “very clear evidence out there of economic stress being caused by the high prices, what some people refer to as demand destruction…not just oil, but also liquefied natural gas”.

Demand destruction can happen in any market from candies to corn. If the price rises beyond the ability and/or willingness of people to pay, then demand will drop and that demand will be destroyed.

That may not represent much of threat in many cases except perhaps to the profit margins of candy makers, but when it comes to such a basic commodity as crude oil and its derivatives, demand destruction could help tilt an economy away from expansion into sluggishness. All industries from agriculture to aircraft are heavily reliant on crude oil and if the cost of gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel gets too high the tractors, fertilizers, and jet planes may work less or push higher prices in their own supply chains to stay afloat.

Demand destruction can have knock-on effects in all kinds of unexpected ways; consequently, Germany has just reported its first monthly trade deficit in three decades! Their report expressed it had imported more than it has exported as German companies saw the softening of demand for their products.

DEMAND DESTRUCTION does not serve well any economy – as you can see that the clue is in the name!

Joe Biden Plans to Take ‘Millions of Cars Off the Road’ to Reduce Oil Consumption

image from

Political Science 101 fact:  Restrict movement and you restrict freedom.. Like Nazi Germany.... "Show me your papers!" This is what Biden and Democrats are doing.  Restrict people from driving.  That's the plan, please don't be fooled.

The Story from

President Joe Biden on Wednesday again promoted his infrastructure dreams of taking people out of their gas-powered vehicles and putting them on trains and other forms of public transit.

“We’re investing almost $100 billion in public transit and rail, for all the studies show that it will take millions of cars off the road and significantly reduce pollution if there’s a serious transportation system available,” he said.

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