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Snow Extent in the Northern Hemisphere now Among the Highest in 56 years

Northern Hemisphere snow extent is currently indeed very high, now at about 41 million square kilometers, according to the NOAA/Rutgers Global Snow Lab. The most recent snow cover information is given in the image below.



The religion called climate change is about to insure the deaths of hundreds in the Northern Hemisphere areas of the globe. A disaster is brewing because the west is pushing bans on fossil fuels, leaving millions in the cold and without food. What they will need and not get is global warming!   Snow extent in the Northern Hemisphere at the end of November represents an important parameter for the early winter forecast. This year snow extent is running much higher than average and according to existing global estimates, it is now beyond the highest ever observed so far. Winter forecast, especially in its early phase and in Europe, might be strongly influenced by such a large snow extent, although many other factors need attention... MORE>>>>>

Mauna Loa eruption: Hawaii Big Island volcano erupting first time in 38 years as ash fall warnings issued

Mauna Loa, the world’s largest active volcano located in Hawaii, began erupting late Sunday night, prompting officials to issue a warning to residents who live in the surrounding area of possible lava flow.


Mauna Loa, the world's largest active volcano, has started to erupt, prompting volcanic ash and debris to fall nearby.USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory via AP

by Cami Mondeaux, Breaking News Reporter

Hawaii officials issued an emergency alert around 11:30 p.m. local time on Sunday, warning that a volcanic eruption had been detected inside Hawaii Volcanoes National Park near the summit caldera of Mauna Loa. Officials warned the eruption could cause volcanic gas and ash to be carried by the winds but confirmed that “lava flows are contained within the summit area and are not threatening downslope communities.”


“Residents at risk from Mauna Loa lava flows should review preparedness and refer to Hawai‘i County Civil Defense information for further guidance,” the U.S. Geological Survey said in its warning to residents. “Based on past events, the early stages of a Mauna Loa eruption can be very dynamic and the location and advance of lava flows can change rapidly.”

The eruption comes after the active volcano was put into a “state of heightened unrest” due to a magnitude 5.0 earthquake that hit in mid-October. Although the volcano did not erupt in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake, it’s unclear whether that incident contributed to the eruption on Sunday.

Mauna Loa has erupted 33 times since 1843, with its last eruption being recorded in 1984. During that incident, lava flow from the volcano came within 4.5 miles of the island’s largest town, Hilo, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

The Hawaiian Volcano Observatory will coordinate with other emergency management partners to monitor the volcanic activity, it said in the emergency alert. Officials also confirmed it will conduct an overflight to assess future hazards.


Solar Storms, More Coming, Earth's Rotation Speed | Suspicious 0bservers News

Ben Davidson of Suspicious 0bservers gives an update on the filaments and sunspot clusters and shifts focus onto the solar windstorm's due to the earth facing CME's

Here is a great opportunity to read Bob Barney's column on the prophetic warnings of Celestial happenings from the Bible. NASA even confirms how our sun will be the star of the show in a potentially cataclysmic event for us earth dwellers in the not-too-distant future.

The Plain Truth: Is life for you about to change forever?    

The mission of The Plain Truth is to warn the world of the coming events prophesied in the Bible that will bring impact and change to all our lives. For most, it is difficult to understand these ancient predictions and therefore impossible to see them coming to life in the here and now. The Plain Truth diligently scans world events and today’s headlines to help connect these dots and make the warnings forecasted thousands of years ago easier to understand.  

Safe Zones in the Disaster | Best Estimations ~ By Suspicious 0bservers

The Plain Truth is we are facing the potential of a cataclysmic celestial event in the next two years with our star. Solar activity is being closely monitored and is important to learn about as the sun supports all life on earth!

Bob Barney has a gripping commentary on this topic and if life is about to change forever; here. 


Below is Ben Davidson of Suspicious 0bservers and his popular video on Safe Zones for the ensuing solar disaster that will change life as we know it. 

US braces for a battering by THREE potential hurricanes in September

US braces for a battering by THREE potential hurricanes in September - including one that could spoil Labor Day for millions - after boiling August which saw no named storms for only the third time in 60 years

image from

For the first time since 1982, there has not been a single named storm anywhere in the Atlantic between July 3 and the penultimate week of August. The quiet period could soon end, however: three potential storms are currently being monitored with a chance of hitting the U.S. The nearest storm as of Monday was described by the National Hurricane Center as being in the Central Tropical Atlantic, and they estimate the chance of it becoming a hurricane within five days at 80 percent (pictured, and video). Two more follow: one 600 miles east of Bermuda as of 2pm EDT on Monday, given a 10 percent chance of becoming a hurricane, and the third off the west coast of Africa, given a 30 percent chance of strengthening to a hurricane in the next five days.

Spring Forward to Daylight Savings Time

[158655-Spring-Forward]SPRING FORWARD!

AS SNOW blankets much of East coast- Freezing in Florida


Daylight saving time 2022 begins at 2 am local time on Sunday

  • Daylight saving time announces its entrance at 2 am local time Sunday for most of the country, and clocks will spring one hour ahead
  • Standard time will hibernate until November 6, when clocks will fall back an hour
  • It will stay lighter for longer into the evening but the sun will rise later in the morning than it has during the months of standard time
  • Remember to set clocks an hour ahead, usually before bed Saturday night
  • No time change is observed in Hawaii, most of Arizona, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam and the Northern Marianas 
  • 200 years ago, DST was presented as an economical suggestion to maximize daylight hours and conserve candles before the advent of electricity 
  • Roughly 100 years later, the Germans were the first to officially adopt the light-extending system in 1915 as a fuel-saving measure during World War I 


Nor'easter bears down on Big Apple

Nor'easter bearing down on NYC could become a bomb cyclone and will dump up to 12 inches

Major winter storm is set to slam the Northeast on Saturday, bringing intense snowfall, powerful winds and coastal flooding to the east coast. NYC could get anywhere between 8 and 12 inches of snow, and parts of eastern Long Island may see up to 18 inches before the storm leaves the region. The heaviest snowfall is expected farther up north in Boston and New England, which will be 'clobbered' with between 12 and 18 inches of snow.

'Somebody better do something': Furious drivers stranded on I-95 in Virginia for more than 19 HOURS

image from

'Somebody better do something': Furious drivers stranded on I-95 in Virginia for more than 19 HOURS demand Gov. Northam speed up rescue efforts with families stuck in cars running out of gas and with no food or water

  • Hundreds of motorists have been stuck in the snow for more than 19 hours along a 50-mile stretch of Interstate 95 in Virginia after a crash involving six tractor-trailers
  • Travelers grew furious as their woes weren't answered and emergency personnel were not coming to their rescue and Governor Ralph Northam tweeted: 'Sunlight is expected to help @VaDOT clear the road'
  • Former VP candidate and Virginia State Senator Tim Kaine revealed that he is one of the people stuck in the snowy pile-up in a tweet early Tuesday
  • 'I started my normal 2 hour drive to DC at 1pm yesterday. 19 hours later, I’m still not near the Capitol,' he wrote 
  • The VDOT announced that I-95 'is closed northbound and southbound from exit 152 (Dumfries Road) to exit 104 (Carmel Church) as crews continue work to remove stopped trucks, treat for icing, and plow snow' 
  • The snowstorm piled 7 to 11 inches of snow on the US East Coast's main north-south highway 
  • Compounding the challenges, traffic cameras went offline as much of central Virginia lost power in the storm 
  • On Tuesday morning, authorities were still struggling to reach those involved in the crash and the Virginia State Police had already responded to more than 2,000 calls for service


'Unsurvivable' Hurricane Ida whips up to 165mph and  threatens to breach New Orleans levees on 16th anniversary of Katrina

We pray for those involved to be kept safe

Hurricane Ida could overwhelm levees strengthened to protect New Orleans as it barrels down on Louisiana on the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. The storm - whose winds have hit 165mph, with gusts of up to 165mph - is on the verge of becoming a Category 5 hurricane, amid fears it could be one of the strongest to ever hit Louisiana. Evacuations have begun amid warnings of storm surges of up to 15 feet, with Jefferson Parish President Cynthia Lee Sheng saying of the predicted inundation: 'I want to reiterate, the storm surge that we are expecting is unsurvivable.'

'Unsurvivable' Hurricane Ida whips up to 165mph and  threatens to breach New Orleans levees on 16th anniversary of Katrina

What the Weather Channel and MSM don't admit-Hurricanes have been worse in the past

Don't believe the hype about Climate change, global warming, and the deadliness hurricane garbage that you are assaulted with daily in the media.  Take a look....  Also remember before the 1960's we didn't even have satellites and ways to measure some storms, and we didn't have 10 million people in harm's way building on ocean beaches. Remember that thing about 'building your houses on sand?"  Jesus knew what would happen 2,000 years ago!

The 30 Deadliest US Hurricanes / Tropical Cyclones (1851 - 2006)

Rank Name Year Category Deaths
1. Great Galveston Hurricane (TX) 1900 4 8000
2. FL (Lake Okeechobee) 1928 4 2500
3. Katrina (LA/MS/FL/GA/AL) 2005 3 1200
4. Cheniere Caminanda (LA) 1893 4 1100-1400
5. Sea Islands (SC/GA) 1893 3 1000-2000
6. GA/SC 1881 2 700
7. Audrey (SW LA/N TX) 1957 4 416
8. Great Labor Day Hurricane (FL Keys) 1935 5 408
9. Last Island (LA) 1856 4 400
10. Miami Hurricane (FL/MS/AL/Pensacola) 1926 4 372
11. LA (Grand Isle) 1909 4 350
12. FL (Keys)/S. TX 1919 4 287#
13.. LA (New Orleans) 1915 4 275
13. TX (Galveston) 1915 4 275
15. Camille (MS/LA) 1969 5 256
15.. New England 1938 3* 256
17. Diane (NE U.S.) 1955 1 184
18. GA, SC, NC 1898 4 179
19. TX 1875 3 176
20. SE FL 1906 2 164
21. Indianola (TX) 1886 4 150
22. MS/AL/Pensacola 1906 3 134
23. FL, GA, SC 1896 3 130
24. Agnes (NE U.S.) 1972 1 122
25. Hazel (SC/NC) 1954 4* 95
26. Betsy (SE FL/SE LA) 1965 3 75
27. Great Atlantic Hurricane 1944 3* 64@
28. Carol (NE U.S.) 1954 3* 60
29. Floyd (NC) 1999 4 56
30. NC 1883 2 53
ADDENDUM (Not U.S. Mainland Atlantic Coast):
2. San Ciriaco (Puerto Rico) 1899 3 3369
6. San Narcico (Puerto Rico, V.I.) 1867 3 811
6. San Lorenzo (Puerto Rico) 1852 1 800
12. San Felipe (Puerto Rico) 1928 5 312
17. U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico 1932 2 225
25. Donna (St. Thomas, VI) 1960 4 107
25. San Gil (Puerto Rico) 1888 1 100
# - Over 500 of these lost on ships at sea; 600-900 estimated deaths.
* - Moving more than 30 miles an hour.
@ - Some 344 of these lost on ships at sea.
& - Only of Tropical Storm intensity.

Source: The Deadliest, Costliest, and Most Intense United States Tropical Cyclones From 1851 to 2006, updated April, 2007.

More Information: The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale

National Hurricane Center Publication: The Deadliest Atlantic Tropical Cyclones, 1492 - 1996

Absolute PROOF that hurricanes are not caused by man made carbon or anything else we do!

Bob Barney

I am sick of the nonsense that the Democrats, most media figures and FAKE SCIENTIST spew to the American public about global warming... IT IS A LIE. They know it's a lie, but this is Satan's way of making you give up your freedom and surrender to him and his minions, and rejecting God in the process! It's about time that the American people wake up to the coming authoritarian rule that the Democrats want to bring to America. Under the guise of "climate change" these Democrats, and many Republicans too, want to take away your God given, constitutional rights.  They want to dictate to you what to think and where you go and what you can do.  WE ARE AT WAR, and the Democrats want most of you DEAD!   Do not be stupid.

CNN says hurricanes are because of global warming.  Read the graph below to see that they are LYING!  And by the way, when the talk about the damage today, they don't have a clue of the thousands of AMERICANS killed each year before modern satellites.

Take a look for yourselves- open your eyes! A note:  Up until the 1930's we did not have accurate wind readings.  So many hurricanes were underreported and not even known!  The #'s before them may be even HIGHER!   Wind speeds defiantly were

Atlantic Hurricane Numbers By Year: 1851-2017

Year Named Storms Hurricanes Major
1851 6 3 1
1852 5 5 1
1853 8 4 2
1854 5 3 1
1855 5 4 1
1856 6 4 2
1857 4 3 0
1858 6 6 0
1859 8 7 1
1860 7 6 1
1861 8 6 0
1862 6 3 0
1863 9 5 0
1864 5 3 0
1865 7 3 0
1866 7 6 1
1867 9 7 1
1868 4 3 0
1869 10 7 1
1870 11 10 2
1871 8 6 2
1872 5 4 0
1873 5 3 2
1874 7 4 0
1875 6 5 1
1876 5 4 2
1877 8 3 1
1878 12 10 2
1879 8 6 2
1880 11 9 2
1881 7 4 0
1882 6 4 2
1883 4 3 2
1884 4 4 1
1885 8 6 0
1886 12 10 4
1887 19 11 2
1888 9 6 2
1889 9 6 0
1890 4 2 1
1891 10 7 1
1892 9 5 0
1893 12 10 5
1894 7 5 4
1895 6 2 0
1896 7 6 2
1897 6 3 0
1898 11 5 1
1899 10 5 2
1900 7 3 2
1901 13 6 0
1902 5 3 0
1903 10 7 1
1904 6 4 0
1905 5 1 1
1906 11 6 3
1907 5 0 0
1908 10 6 1
1909 12 6 4
1910 5 3 1
1911 6 3 0
1912 7 4 1
1913 6 4 0
1914 1 0 0
1915 6 5 3
1916 15 10 5
1917 4 2 2
1918 6 4 1
1919 5 2 1
1920 5 4 0
1921 7 5 2
1922 5 3 1
1923 9 4 1
1924 11 5 2
1925 4 1 0
1926 11 8 6
1927 8 4 1
1928 6 4 1
1929 5 3 1
1930 3 2 2
1931 13 3 1
1932 15 6 4
1933 20 11 6
1934 13 7 1
1935 8 5 3
1936 17 7 1
1937 11 4 1
1938 9 4 2
1939 6 3 1
1940 9 6 0
1941 6 4 3
1942 11 4 1
1943 10 5 2
1944 14 8 3
1945 11 5 2
1946 6 3 1
1947 9 5 2
1948 9 6 4
1949 13 7 3
1950 13 11 8
1951 10 8 5
1952 7 6 3
1953 14 6 4
1954 11 8 2
1955 12 9 6
1956 8 4 2
1957 8 3 2
1958 10 7 5
1959 11 7 2
1960 7 4 2
1961 11 8 7
1962 5 3 1
1963 9 7 2
1964 12 6 6
1965 6 4 1
1966 11 7 3
1967 8 6 1
1968 8 4 0
1969 18 12 5
1970 10 5 2
1971 13 6 1
1972 7 3 0
1973 8 4 1
1974 11 4 2
1975 9 6 3
1976 10 6 2
1977 6 5 1
1978 12 5 2
1979 9 5 2
1980 11 9 2
1981 12 7 3
1982 6 2 1
1983 4 3 1
1984 13 5 1
1985 11 7 3
1986 6 4 0
1987 7 3 1
1988 12 5 3
1989 11 7 2
1990 14 8 1
1991 8 4 2
1992 7 4 1
1993 8 4 1
1994 7 3 0
1995 19 11 5
1996 13 9 6
1997 8 3 1
1998 14 10 3
1999 12 8 5
2000 15 8 3
2001 15 9 4
2002 12 4 2
2003 16 7 3
2004 15 9 6
2005 28 15 7
2006 10 5 2
2007 15 6 2
2008 16 8 5
2009 9 3 2
2010 19 12 5
2011 19 7 4
2012 19 10 2
2013 14 2 0
2014 8 6 2
2015 11 4 2
2016 15 7 4
2017 17 10 6
12 6.5 2
Named Storms = Tropical Storms, Hurricanes and Subtropical Storms
Hurricanes = Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale 1 to 5
Major Hurricanes = Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale 3, 4, or 5
Original Data is from
The Deadliest, Costliest, and Most Intense United States Hurricanes 1900-2000
[Revised and expanded 2018]

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Want to turn off the internet? It could happen if a solar storm hits the Earth

It's happened before and it could happen again.

Roughly 2,700 years ago, an unusually powerful solar storm swept past the Earth, scientists announced in a new study. Though it had little to no impact on people in that long ago, pre-industrial and pre-technological world, such an event today would cause widespread power outages along with potentially disastrous communication and navigation failures.

The solar storm, which was in 660 B.C., was about 10 times stronger than any known event in the past 70 years, study lead author Raimund Muscheler said.

A solar storm of that strength would be "a threat to modern society in terms of communication and navigation systems, space technologies and commercial aircraft operations,” the study said.

Scientists studied ancient ice in Greenland to uncover clues about previous solar storms. Looking at an ice core that dated as far back as 100,000 years, researchers found radioactive isotopes that indicated a very powerful solar storm 2,700 years ago.


A Brutal Winter Coming?

Experts say disruptions in the polar vortex could cause temperatures to plummet in the US

Activity in an Arctic climate pattern could send the polar vortex barreling towards more southern latitudes to envelop parts of North America, Europe, and Asia. The phenomenon has led to extreme winter weather in recent years, including record low temperatures in the US back in 2014 and last year's 'Beast from the East' in the UK. While there's still time for things to change, the models currently suggest a split in the high-altitude polar vortex will ring in the New Year, creating the potential for 'more severe winter weather' in the Eastern US in the weeks to follow.

Wild weather weekend: Nearly TWO THOUSAND flights canceled and TWO FEET of snow expected

Nearly TWO THOUSAND flights canceled amid winter storm

A winter storm started sweeping across the Midwest on Friday (pictured), leading to slick roads and runways, as it inched its way toward New England, where it was forecast to dump up to two feet of snow.  Nearly two thousand flights out of domestic airports have been canceled so far as the country braces itself for significant snow and ice, according to flight-tracking site The storm led to slick roads and runways, as it inched its way toward New England, where it was forecast to dump up to two feet of snow over the long weekend for Martin Luther King Jr Day.

What Are ‘Fire Rainbows’? Colorful Sight Seen In Clouds Over New England

BOSTON (CBS) – There was an unusual sight in the blue skies over New England this week – an apparent rainbow in the clouds.

The National Weather Service noted the presence of what some call “fire rainbows,” which are technically circumhorizontal arcs.

“It looks like a rainbow, but it’s actually a halo,” WBZ-TV’s Chief Meteorologist Eric Fisher explains. “Essentially you have ice crystals in these high clouds that create these large halos. This particularly variety only happens when the sun is very high in the sky, so around mid-day and mostly in the warm season here in New England.”

A woman in New Hampshire captured a particularly vivid fire rainbow at Rye Beach on Wednesday.

fire rainbow rye What Are Fire Rainbows? Colorful Sight Seen In Clouds Over New England

“A lot of people were seeing them over the past few days,” WBZ-TV meteorologist Dave Epstein noted.

WBZ viewer Kathy Diamontopolous she was just walking out to her car Wednesday and was “amazed” at what she saw.


Past Hurricane Killers: Galveston

Hurricane season is here: A History Reminder of the past storms

1900 Great Galveston hurricane in Texas pictured

As Harvey continues to wreak havoc and the death toll rises, these pictures show the impact of America's deadliest natural disaster more than 100 years ago. Devastating images show houses flattened and rescuers digging for bodies following the Great Galveston Hurricane. The Category 4 hurricane, with winds of up to 145 mph, made landfall on September 8, 1900 killing at least 8,000 of its 37,000 residents and destroying more than 3,600 buildings.

Delingpole: NOAA Caught Lying About Arctic Sea Ice

The Arctic is melting catastrophically! Sea ice levels are experiencing their most precipitous decline in 1500 years! Something must be done – and fast…

image from
Well, so claims the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and we know by now what that means, don’t we?

Yep: the Arctic sea ice is doing just fine. Yep: yet again, the NOAA is telling porkies.

As usual, Paul Homewood has got its number.

First, here’s what the NOAA is claiming, as relayed in a scaremongering piece at Vox:

The Arctic Ocean once froze reliably every year. Those days are over.

Arctic sea ice extent has been measured by satellites since the 1970s. And scientists can sample ice cores, permafrost records, and tree rings to make some assumptions about the sea ice extent going back 1,500 years. And when you put that all on a chart, well, it looks a little scary.

In December, NOAA released its latest annual Arctic Report Card, which analyzes the state of the frozen ocean at the top of our world. Overall, it’s not good.

“The Arctic is going through the most unprecedented transition in human history,” Jeremy Mathis, director of NOAA’s Arctic research program, said at a press conference. “This year’s observations confirm that the Arctic shows no signs of returning to the reliably frozen state it was in just a decade ago.”

Now, courtesy of Homewood, are the facts:

Sea ice in the Arctic is recovering after a period of decline:

Arctic sea ice is getting thicker:     Read The Rest

Niagara Falls FREEZES as wind chill drops as low as -89 DEGREES

220M Americans prepare for a VERY chilly New Year's Eve

Parts of Niagara falls have frozen as bitter cold weather has swept over most of the northern United States, leaving many areas looking like Narnia. More than 220 million people face below freezing temperatures on Friday, as temperatures are expected to drop further as the New Year's weekend continues. The bitter temperatures have already been blamed for a handful of deaths and cancelled in long list of weekend celebrations. Mountain weather-related headaches continue to pile up in already winter-weary parts of the Midwest and East Cost experiencing highway pileups, frozen pips and car thefts. And though the conditions may be treacherous, gorgeous photos of places such as Niagara Falls show glittering frozen icicles and bright white snow piles almost make the arctic chill worth it.

Niagara Falls has frozen over

Extreme winter weather has been causing problems for millions across the East Coast, but it has also made for some beautiful sights.

Among those beautiful sights is Niagara Falls, which has now frozen over due to temperatures which dropped to 16F on Wednesday.

And it looks like the popular tourist destination may stay frozen, as temperatures are expected to drop even lower come Thursday.

Scroll down for link to video

Niagara Falls has frozen over due to temperatures which dropped to 16F on Wednesday
 Niagara Falls has frozen over due to temperatures which dropped to 16F on Wednesday
The popular tourist destination will stay frozen for some time because temperatures are expected to drop even more come Thursday
The popular tourist destination will stay frozen for some time because temperatures are expected to drop even more come Thursday
'The attention the Falls is receiving is bringing a crowd to view them in their majestic, winter splendor!' said Michelle Blackley, communications & community relations manager for the Falls
'The attention the Falls is receiving is bringing a crowd to view them in their majestic, winter splendor!' said Michelle Blackley, communications & community relations manager for the Falls
Yet another arctic blast is set to strike the central and eastern United States on Wednesday evening, bringing sub-zero temperatures to many parts
Yet another arctic blast is set to strike the central and eastern United States on Wednesday evening, bringing sub-zero temperatures to many parts
Almost the entire East Coast, including parts of Florida, will reach below freezing temperatures on Thursday night
Almost the entire East Coast, including parts of Florida, will reach below freezing temperatures on Thursday night

'The attention the Falls is receiving is bringing a crowd to view them in their majestic, winter splendor!' Michelle Blackley, communications & community relations manager for the Falls, told USA Today

Yet another arctic blast is set to strike the central and eastern United States on Wednesday evening, bringing sub-zero temperatures to many parts.

Them things are going to get even colder. 

Read more: 

Maria Destroys Puerto Rico and Dominica

How Hurricane Maria left Dominica looking like a wasteland

Exclusive pictures have laid bare the extent of the devastation on Dominica after it was lashed by 160mph winds in Hurricane Maria, leaving 95 per cent of buildings on the island damaged. The island, one of the poorest in the Caribbean, has a population of 73,000 people who have all been left without phones, internet and electricity, meaning that almost no news or pictures have emerged from the country since Maria struck. So far seven people have been confirmed killed on the island, though this is expected to rise dramatically after rescuers are able to reach more remote communities.

'The ocean is missing!' Rare phenomenon caused by Irma sucks the water from Bahamas beaches

Extraordinary footage from the Bahamas shows the shoreline receded much farther than normal, exposing what is usually the ocean floor.

Twitter user @Kaydi_K from Long Island, Bahamas wrote on Friday: 'I am in disbelief right now... This is Long Island, Bahamas and the ocean water is missing!!! That's as far as they see #HurricaneIrma.'

The strange video shows her walking on the exposed ocean floor which is dry and covered in large shells. 

Another Twitter user tweeted a photo of the exposed beach at a different beach in the Bahamas and showed it was back to normal within less than a day. 

Hurricane Irma, which hit the Bahamas on Friday, is so powerful that it has altered the shape of the ocean in Long Island, but it will likely be back to normal by Sunday afternoon.

Scroll down for video 

Before: Hurricane Irma temporarily changed the shape of the ocean after hitting the Bahamas on Friday 
After: Twitter user @deejayeasya tweeted this photo on Saturday saying the shoreline where he lives in the Bahamas is back to normal 13 hours later 

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